Thursday, August 27, 2009

Here are some pics from Stacy's SBS/surprise B-day party! It was lots of fun Stacy is a great hostest. Enjoy!


SBS Card

This is my card for an upcoming SBS in Baltimore.

Hope everyone is stampin the day away!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fixed my oops!

These are the goodies from Dawnmarie!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Birthday Bash!

As requested here are pics of all the goodies I received at the birthday bash! These MD ladies are so sweet and generous. I really appreciate each and everyone of them. This adorable cow card and die is from Lorette. Can't wait to make some goodies for the next get together!
This wonderful card was sent by Cherie, since she left us here alone!lol

ay+Bash+010.jpg" border=0> This fabo hat was created by none other than our Kimme! Yes, she is in trouble...that is all I got to say. She also make these wonderful coasters which have found a home on my living room coffee table, aren't they adorable.

Amanda gave me this GREAT shirt, refill, paper and copic holder. I had ordered one from her, since her husband makes them and she TOLD me a fib about if not turning out and her DH was remaking it!lol I can't wait to alter it with some Basic Grey papers.

This sweet kitty card and goodies are from Michelle. She gave me the most perfect Hambo stamps and a gift certificate to PhotoScraps (which is on the MD Scrapbook Tour).

These are the party favors that we had at the bash, along with balloons and horns (which my kids all ran off with).

This box of delightful goodies is from Stacy. She made us wear boas. She also gave me some Bath and Body Works (which I love), brads in my birthstone color, scency bar and a Amuse gift certificate. Isn't she the sweet thing...or is she? Wait to you see the hat she made me wear!

rder=0> This beautiful card is from Kathi, inside she tucked in some flower embellishments, bling and a MFT gift certificate....lucky me!

Can we all guess who the Monkey Bread is from? Jane of course, my girl can always bring a smile to my face!

Mary created this beautiful card using stamps from her new design team. She also gave me this wonderful clear stamp set, Prima flowers (very cool) and a Michael's gift certificate (which of course I spent right after lunch)!

m/_h5JZDYOlcwY/SoCKuLDhe_I/AAAAAAAAAnE/vqaWjuu4mDQ/s320/Birthday+Bash+002.jpg" border=0>
These wonderful creations are from Dawnmarie! I believe the box is from the MFT monthly kit, too cute!
Thanks Ladies for everything and sharing the day with us!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Birthday Celebration the Meade Girls Way

Today we all met up at CiCi's to celebrate Amanda, Tracy, and Michelle's birthday. First off let me say I was trying to set this up behind the scenes since June at my house, but that fell Tracy decides to do CiCi's for Michelle, Well Amanda then emails to throw in Tracy, So of course I then email to throw in Amanda LOL so I am amazed any of us made it with all the emails hahahaha We did make it though and it was a blast!

Tracy made some adorable ribbon hats made out of ribbon and butterflies - These hats are too cute, by far the best hats yet.....until Kimme showed up with Tracy's hat LOL

Here are some highlights of our lunch!!

Michelle and Amanda modeling the hats:

Tracy got some Fabu straw glasses LOL here is Amanda and Michelle with those

Here is the group:

Jane laughing at something Naughty said I am sure (this is actually the only pic I had of Jane without her flipping the bird hahahahahaha)

Tracy with her "special" ribbon hat LOL Kimme actually sewed on all of the ribbon!!!!

Tracy tried to conquer the hat and let it know who was boss:
Unfortunately for her the hat was too strong and attacked:
They finally came to an agreement LOL

Our Cute Hello Kitty Cupcakes:

Someone Got Michelle a Naughty Present with all kinds of interesting items:

Tracy had her son stand in for her for the group pic LOL:

No Meade get together is complete without a good ole boob hug from Jane LOL

Posted by Stacy

How on earth could I forget these two pics!

These just make me LOL!


Amish Trip

Here are pictures from our Amish Trip. It was a blast
Thank you SO much Cindy for sharing
these wonderful stores with us.