Sunday, October 26, 2008

Just Hanging Around

Okay I stamped all day yesterday trying to block out my family. They were driving me insane!
This is the card I came up with so far for the Nov SBS. Not real happy with this card, it's walking the line of fugly.
Hoping today I will be able to stamp and come up with something better for the swap, while I have the house to myself.
DH and three of the kids are at the homeless shelter serving food. Dh just called to let me know our youngest is the donut captian since he was the only one who wanted to be in charge of giving them Hoping this experience will make these kids think life is rough and they need to work hard in order to get ahead and have the things they are wanting.
Well better get back to stamping before everyone starts coming home. Hope everyone is having a fab Sunday!


Stamp Maryland said...

Very nice! How did you color this? Have you been playing with your new copic markers?


Tracy said...

LOL! Yes, I used copic. I even had to mix colors.

Frankie ll said...

I love this card Tracy, it's really cute! Never saw that stamp before. And you did such a good job with your Copics! I am impressed! :) Really!

Frances said...

You two are such professionals!

frankie III said...

This card is adorable, you did a great job! Tracy, you couldn't make an ugly card if you tried!

Anonymous said...

Really cute card! I haven't tried the copic markers, but I hear they are alot of fun to use!

Melanie B.