Monday, November 3, 2008


M's $1 bin has this ribbon for 1 cent per roll!
Ladies I had so much fun bin diggin' with you.
Have fun!


Stamp Maryland said...

Looks like alot of ribbon compaired to mine. It helps leaving it in the bags, so no one can see how much you really I'm sure we will end up on Americas Funniest Videos, after all it had to be a sight all those rears in the air, ugh. I shutter at the thougt. Those poor shoppers being exposed to that!


Kimme said...

Mine doesn't have the big bins anymore, but I did see this ribbon and it was still $1 at mine :(

Stamp Maryland said...

Really because we went to 3 M's in this area and this western theme ribbon was 1 cent. Other ribbon in the bin was $1 but this was one penny!

Sparkle said...

I have too much, but that looks like alot of fun...I'll have to go buy some, lol.