Friday, February 13, 2009


Surprise Stacy!
Pictures from Stacy's Baby Shower hosted by Tracy.
What a FUN night.

Tracy getting Stacy all dolled up! LOL

Stacy in her beautiful hat!

1st gift was from Kimmie, we missed you Kimmie!

Pampers diapers and wipes.

Thank you Kimmie!

Stacy saying do I really have to wear this hat?!
The answer was YES!


Box O' pampers from me (Amanda).

This was Mary's gift (I think).
Baby bath gift set, booger wipes.

Cute Card!

More pampers!

Adding more bows to an already fab hat!

This gift was from Kathi. Lots of good stuff baby food, diapers, butt wipes,
baby lotion, butt paste, and the list goes on.

Cute Monkey bib.


This cute gift set was made by Dawnmarie.
Really cute photo album and tin full of baby goodies.

Better Pic of the gift set.


This hat fell off at least 1000 times it was kinda
funny to watch.

LOL! Not sure what Tracy is explaining to
Dawnmarie here but doesn't look like she is buying it.



Stamp Maryland said...

Oh lovely another day with no pictures of Amanda! Why or why must my big old self be in the


Amanda said...

Your welcome! Oh it was a fun.

Anonymous said...

yeah I notice how Amanda always seems to be the one BEHIND the camera.....