Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kimme's Birthday Lunch!!

Jazz Hands!!

Kimme proved to be quite a sport and rocked the tiara and her daughter's shades!!! I have to say though what is up with the tiara!!! Historically the hats have been not the most attractive and most flattering items to put on ones head (jester hats, paper plates with bows, etc.). Kimme got very lucky on her birthday!! I think Tracy is trying to throw us off before her birthday rolls around and maybe we will take it easy on her and Amanda!

We all met up at PhotoScraps for Kimme's Birthday to enjoy some shopping time before lunch! Kimme looked to be enjoying her time shopping

Tracy looking pretty bummed after realizing she could not fit the entire store in her van.....or she could be frustrated at us for trying to catch a picture of her bent over LOL I do not think she was as amused.

I am not sure what happened here other than I took a bad pic LOL OR maybe DawnMarie is impersonating a pirate - Shiver me Timbers!

After shopping we went to a nearby Chinese restaurant where I think service was sooo slow that we actually went back in time LOL However this gave one ample opportunity to take plenty of pics!
I dont think I can type where DawnMarie wanted to shove my camera at this point
I have no clue what I am doing here - all i can say half my face is covered so it is a fab pic!!

Baby Ashley came along to hang out....she was completely unfazed by the camera and us chatting.
I did manage to snag one pic of Amanda and I even got one with Tracy not sticking out her tongue!
Oh wait here it is:
Kimme got some fab presents including craft supplies and some smelly good items. She also made us some awesome notebook covers (yes it was her birthday). I need to load a pic of them because they are totally awesome!!! I cant figure out where she finds the time!!!

Cake Time!!!!

I had a great time and I hope Kimme enjoyed her birthday outing!!! btw how old are you now??

Posted by Stacy and due to the tardiness of this post (3 weeks apx) has probably lost the right to take pics LOL


Amanda said...

OMG I'm LMBO oh soooo funny! Kimmie hope you had a GREAT
b-day! It was fun can't wait to do it again! Keep rockin' those shades!


Stamp Maryland said...

Well another blast caught and uploaded. I don't know how I'm going to be able to stay in the witness protection program at this rate!he he


Mary said...

Great pics, Stacy!! Looks like everyone (yes, even Tracy!) had a great time! Sorry I missed it!!

Karen said...

Tracy! Photographed -OMG its a miracle!You are slippin' Tracy! No matter how hard we tried, when she was in El Paso, she always avoided the camera! I have several photos of her hand in front of her face or the back of her head LOL.

It looks like you all had a lot of fun! Hope your birthday was a good one!